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Bellingham, WA
Romantic Wedding Dances; Brush up on your steps with music; Ballroom coaching, training.
Bride and Groom, Father and Daughter, or any wedding party member can benefit from having a fun filled lessons to prepare for your special day. Brush up on your moves and learn new ones to make your dance special. Easy to learn steps that flow to your music with dips, spins, and more to make your dance a romantic and memorable one. Susan's experience as a competitive champion in 10 styles of dancing along with her love for partner social dancing will help to make your dance beautiful. Call or email Susan for more information on what she can do for you and to schedule an appointment in your location.
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Not One but Two

Susan was an amazing teacher. She played to our strengths, worked around our schedules and helped us put together a perfectly choreographed dance. But as if that wasn't enough, she taught my mother and I how to do a two step along with several moves from the basic step. My mom and I had a blast using the steps we learned to do a fast free-style dance. Either way, choreographed or free-style; fast or slow, Susan was wonderful and there is NO way we could have done it without out her. I would recommend Susan to anyone, including those with two left feet. She will help you make your dance special!
& Nathan

She gave us just the right moves for our first dance

Susan presents her joy for your big day and it shows through the routine that you'll learn for your dance. My bride and I gave her our song choice, and Susan took it and really presented great moves and steps for us to learn that matched our personality. The dance flowed and Susan's own thorough experience in dancing made it easy for her to teach us dance moves. We were so happy working with Susan. I am so confident that she can make your dance stand out and be great, whether you're a beginner or a regular dancer. Susan not only trained us to dance well, but she also coordinated our wedding and did a fantastic job! Take my advice and use this professional.
Sherri & Darin