K Hulett Photography

Bellingham, WA
Husband and wife creative team who take absolute joy in photographing weddings around the world
We are a husband and wife creative team who take absolute joy and delight in photographing couples, their friends, and their families around the world. We've been in business since 2005, working to always push boundaries and challenge ourselves artistically. We honor and respect the commitment each of our clients make, whether through marriage or commitment ceremonies, and are inspired by the love surrounding their special days. It energizes us to take a small part in that commitment and love. Our combined photographic styles give our portfolio balance, as well as a broad range of artistry. For example, Kevin finds a broad perspective through his lens, telling a rich story with small details filling a large landscape. Katie, on the other hand, focuses on capturing every lovely detail our couples so thoughtfully choose: the lace on an heirloom fan the bride holds with her bouquet, vows written with a shaky hand, the texture of the groom's suit, which took him months to choose. This is one reason our clients love Katie's careful consideration to our couple's stories, and Kevin's ability to paint the day through studied, artful photographs. Together we create a variegated landscape of photographs our clients treasure.