Soulmate Ceremonies

Bellingham, WA
Inter-faith, non-denominational, mixed faith ceremonies for all of life's celebrations.
Soulmate Ceremonies believes in the concept of Eukrasia which means harmony and good mixture, ingredients necessary for creating a lasting marriage or union. It derives from an Aramaic word that speaks to spiritual commitment. Eukrasia is a concept that embodies the four physical elements and all aspects of life’s seasons. It epitomizes Union. I really enjoy taking time in the first consultation with a couple to talk about what makes them who they are, their individual backgrounds—ethnic, religious, philosophical, and their collective vision of their unique ceremony. I take pleasure in helping the happy couple catch a glimpse of the ways in which their individuality can be woven into a rich tapestry of togetherness. Soulmate Ceremonies reflect readings, traditions, ancient rites, and religious text as appropriate. My services begin by recognizing the circle of marriage with a special blessing. Blending the best of both partners, this celebration is a reflection of the emotional bond of the couple, their family, and their friends. The ceremony concludes with the acknowledgement of the new greater family and the joys the couple will share over the years. Afterwards the couple is presented with a keepsake, a commemorative book, which they are encouraged to read annually on their anniversary as a reminder of their vows.