The Wedding Ninjas

Bellingham, WA
Low cost, last minute weddings, magic without the price!
No wedding or event is ever perfect. Not really. BUT… that does not mean it can’t FEEL perfect. Or at the very least, just merely spectacular. In American society, we are raised to expect that perfection can only come to those with more money and free time than oxygen and the rest of us will just have to suck it up and be happy with whatever can be scraped together. Or drive ourselves and loved ones beyond the brink of bankruptcy, or worse… irreparable insanity, as we scrabble to achieve these unobtainable dreams. The Wedding Ninjas can help you achieve the dream, while preserving your wallet and sanity. Sure, Uncle Walt may end up wearing a clip on tie, or a borrowed iPod may be the DJ, and therefore may not be technically perfect, but with the Ninjas taking care of the details, you won’t even notice the clever duck tape boutonnieres. Or maybe you’ll love them. The point is, you will be having such a great time at your event, you will not have the leftover anxiety to worry about such trivial details. It will be wonderful. It will be magical. It will be perfect. Best of all it will be yours.