The High, Wide, & Handsome Band

Bellingham, WA
A goodtime party band! Swing/County/Dixieland/Americana. We like playing weddings!
"As usual the party's in the kitchen and the hall" sings the man with the guitar, nodding to the mandolin player to take the next break. The bass player spins his bass, while the drummer holds the beat and the harmonica player returns from dancing with the crowd. The dance floor is packed with grandmas, teenagers, toddlers, and even the grumpy uncle every party seems to have. Everyone is having a good time. The High, Wide, and Handsome Band The High, Wide and Handsome Band plays a mix of swing, rocking bluegrass, and general Americana feel-good-party-music. The name comes from Gid Tanner, an Appalachian fiddler, who liked his music just like his liquor: High, Wide, and Handsome. Formed originally to record Robert Blake's own swing material, the band has gone on to add a drummer and become one of the best party bands in the area playing weddings, private parties, and beer joints around the northwest. The band enjoys working with couples to embellish the couples vision of their wedding party. From mellow background music to a kick-up dance party, the band aims to play the right music a the right time! The band is happy to learn a special song for your first dance and always enjoys taking requests. However, for the most part, we do not play Top-40. Ceremony music also available.